Choose modular kitchen for the modern you

Modular kitchen is the best option you can choose during a kitchen makeover or during renovation. These built in cabinet sets are mainly best for small spaced apartments but works equally well for big rooms. It not only saves spaces but also allows you easy access to your kitchen equipments as well as utensils thus making it more functional.

Apart from the advantages of easy cleaning and easy assembling of the modern kitchen, you could also enjoy easy repairs as well as long time durability of the kitchen set. You can choose from unique color combinations and designs that suit your personality. For small spaces there are mainly two types of modular kitchen namely the L-shaped and the U-shaped modular kitchen that fits in according to the available space in your kitchen.

What is L-shaped modular kitchen?

This is the most common layout for a kitchen which has small spaces. It is a set of cabinets that are assembled in an L-shaped form and thus the name. Not only the spaces, but this type of kitchen layout also makes your kitchen look more gorgeous due to the style and design of the cabinets and drawers that completes the L look.

As the layout suggests, the cabinets are fixed or assembled on two walls thus providing you free space on the other two walls of your kitchen room. As for a kitchen cum dining room, this layout offers enough space to place your dining table thus completing the modern look. L shaped kitchen designers in Delhi provides you with the necessary planning along with the installments of the modular kitchen according to your style and choice.

What is U-shaped modular kitchen?

As the name says, the set up of this type of modular kitchen is in the shape of U. it is an enclosed design which is best for large rooms having enough spaces. It allows you to experience the grandness along with the modernisms with just few cabinets assembled in U form. This shape offers you with plenty of room at the center of your kitchen to freely move around during cooking.

In this layout, the cabinets are assembled on all the three walls of your kitchen thus offering you an enclosed space to work around. U shaped kitchens designers in Delhi provides you with different options such that you can have enough space in your cooking area followed by the sink and breakfast area.