How to Create the Best Indian Style Kitchen Design?

A kitchen is the heart and soul of an Indian household. Many relate house with food in India. Now, most of the people are not preferring conventional, cluttered kitchen style. Everyone is moving towards a modern and classy Indian Style Kitchen Design. You can either design your kitchen by yourself or hire an interior expert like Any Type Kitchen. Here are some of the ideas for a wonderful kitchen makeover.

Kitchen counters

Kitchen counters are the base of the modular kitchen. Indian cooking incorporates different types of spices and veggies. So, it is better to use granite stone for kitchen counter which has stain free property. Marble or wood can also be used to provide a posh look to the kitchen. Readymade kitchen counters can be bought from the dealers directly if you can afford it.

Kitchen cabinet

The materials used for kitchen cabinets should be inspected for quality before designing an Indian style kitchen. It is better to consult the interior designer or dealer regarding this to pick the right material for the cabinet. Steel, marble with aluminum, granite with laminate and wood and laminate are the best options for kitchen cabinets. The material should be water-resistant since the kitchen is more prone to moisture. Marine ply is the best water-resistant material for kitchen cabinet. This material can prevent damage from water and heat. Also, it is necessary to polish the wooden cabinets to make it termite-resistant.

Kitchen drawers

Kitchen drawers include items which are used frequently during cooking. It is available in both customized option and ready-made option. To provide less friction for drawers, use 90 or 165 degree hydraulic or wooden joints for regular or L shaped drawers.

Choose the best interior designer or kitchen specialist like Any Type Kitchen and create the modern Indian style kitchen design!!